Cosmology Calculator and Model

       This Cosmology Calculator & Model allows users to explore the expanding universe
       using a simple and easy-to-use interface.

       Users may specify the components for "Matter", "Dark Energy", the CMB z value,
       the Hubble Constant, and other input information.

       The model produces calculations of various distances and times when
       certain events occurred during the expansion of the universe.

       The model also provides various output styles including 8 pages (50 columns)
       of tabular output for dozens of z values.

       The observer reference point (normally "now") may be moved to points in the past
       or to points in the future.

       Extensive documentation is provided with many examples of advanced techniques.

       ** Cosmology Calculator V1.1 "New" (December, 2021)

       - New Version V1.1 - Changes have been made to include additional columns in the "z Tables" output.

       - No changes made to calculations. Documentation for changes not yet made.

       - Note: V1.1 - Individual pages may take 1-2 seconds and large z Tables may take 4-7 seconds.

       ** Cosmology Calculator V1.0 "Original"

       - Matches Original Documentation (V1.0).

      Documentation for Cosmology Calculators V1.0

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